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Mat Pilates Morning Class with Sandra

Your qualified instructor will guide you through a series of excercises that will help improve core control (the abdominal muscles), posture, muscle tone, balance, strength, flexibility, body awareness and coordination.

Pilates addresses the body as a whole working to correct any imbalance caused by injury or poor posture. All excercises are controlled and movement is coordinated with a specific breathe pattern to stretch and strengthen the muscles.

The exercises are all performed on the floor so it is essential you bring a mat to class for your comfort.

FREE TRIAL: Try out one of Sandra’s classes for free to see if it’s right for you.

JOIN TWO OR MORE CLASSES: Receive $11 off for each additional class with Sandra.

OR PAY BY THE WEEK: $13 per week for each of Sandra’s classes per week.

Thursdays during school term
9:00am – 10:00am
$110 for 10 weeks
Living & Learning Pakenham
6B Henry Street, Pakenham
You are welcome to enrol using any of the methods below:
◾ Complete the Lifestyle online enrolment form
Email us at
Phone us on 5941 2389
◾ Drop in during business hours at 6B Henry Street, Pakenham