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Course Description

Application and Relevance This course applies to a wide range of settings where emergencies involving cardiac arrest may occur. It is relevant for people working in education, aged and community care, sport, travel and tourism, hospitality, industry enterprises and other workplace and community settings. 
Entry Requirements Participants are required to have; 

  • reasonable level of verbal and written skills 
  • the ability to demonstrate two minutes of CPR on the floor. 

Mode of Delivery and Duration Classroom training and assessment over 3 hours 
Dress and Equipment Requirements Learners are to attend the course in comfortable non-offensive clothing. All equipment and resources to complete the course will be supplied. 
Course Content This course provides the skills and knowledge to be able to handle cardiac emergency situations. It includes: 

  • Introduction to first aid principles 
  • Assessing a cardiac emergency situation 
  • Airway and breathing management 
  • Performing chest compressions 
  • Administering rescue breaths 
  • Resuscitation techniques 
  • Using a defibrillator (AED) 

Assessment Methods Progressive assessment throughout the course, including demonstration of practical skills and written and oral questions relating to underpinning knowledge. Award Issued Victorian First Aid Services and Training is responsible for the quality of training and assessment and the issuance of the AQTF certificates.
A 50% subsidy applies to volunteers who live and volunteer in Cardinia Shire.
To enrol, please go to the Victorian First Aid website.  click here

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Course Dates


Wednesday 6-Jan,

Monday 11-Jan,

Thursday 21-Jan,

Friday 29-Jan,

Saturday 6-Feb,

Monday 8-Feb,

Thursday 18-Feb,

Wednesday 24-Feb,

Wednesday 3-Mar,

Friday 19-Mar,

Thursday 25-Mar,

Monday 29-Mar,

Friday 9-Apr,

Thursday 15-Apr,

Tuesday 27-Apr,

Thursday 6-May,

Wednesday 12-May,

Friday 21-May,

Saturday 22-May,

Tuesday 26-May,

Thursday 3-Jun,

Friday 11-Jun,

Wednesday 16-Jun,

Friday 25-Jun,

Tuesday 6-Jul,

Wednesday 14-Jul,

Thursday 22-Jul,

Friday 30-Jul,

Saturday 31-Jul,

Thursday 12-Aug,

Wednesday 25-Aug,

Friday 3-Sep,

Saturday 4-Sep,

Monday 13-Sep,

Thursday 23-Sep,

Wednesday 29-Sep,

Friday 8-Oct,

Wednesday 13-Oct,

Thursday 21-Oct,

Monday 25-Oct,

Friday 12-Nov,

Thursday 18-Nov,

Wednesday 24-Nov,

Monday 29-Nov,

Friday 3-Dec,

Wednesday 8-Dec,

Thursday 16-Dec,

Thursday 23-Dec.

Course Provider

Victorian First Aid RTO 41360

Course Cost